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Stagnaro Distributing takes tremendous pride in our ability to provide for a safe, clean and environmentally friendly workplace. We are continuously looking to implement new ideas to ensure that we are doing our part to provide for a cleaner environment. We recognize the importance of caring for the world in which we live and therefore have made significant changes within the company to ensure that we are doing our part.

Plastic & Cardboard Recycling Program

sustain_1 Each day we recycle all of the unused plastic and cardboard material associated with the products that we distribute.

Over the course of a year this equates to over 68,000 pounds of cardboard and over 36,000 pounds of plastic that is recycled. This amount, in excess of 100,000 pounds of material, saves a minimum of 70 cubic square yards of landfill space each year.


Propane to Electric Forklift Conversion

 alt= Over the past 2 years we have converted the majority of the forklifts that we operate from internal combustion (propane) to electric forklift trucks.

These new units produce ZERO emissions, have a much longer economic life and substantially reduce noise levels.

The greatest environmental impact is the reduction in fuel used to operate the equipment. The electric forklifts utilize an equivalency of 1.21 gallons of fuel to operate during a shift compared to 6.6 gallons for the propane units. By converting to the electric trucks we save the equivalent of almost 17,000 gallons of fuel each year.


Energy Efficient Lighting

 width= In 2010 we replaced the light fixtures throughout our building with energy efficient bulbs and added motion detection sensors in the loading and storage areas of our warehouse. The new fixtures operate using 330 less watts than the previous ones. Over the course of the year, this saves over 450,000 kilowatt hour which is the equivalent of providing electricity to power over 41 average American homes for a year.

This change also provides for a reduction of more than 80,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Another way of saying that is we are removing more than 7 vehicles from our nations interstates on an annual basis.
In addition we have also implemented the following to ensure continued sustainability in every aspect of our operations:

• Paper Recycling
• Recycling containers for Aluminum and Plastic Cans
• Recycling of ink/toner
• Decrease in power consumption by auto-programming of computers and other electronics to hibernate/shutdown when not in use
• Recycling of computers and other electronics properly
• Use non-toxic cleaning materials
• Indoor Plants to absorb pollution
• Close blinds