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Our Team

Michael Stagnaro

President & CEO

Christopher Stagnaro

Vice President

Don (Jake) Jakubowski

General Manager

Chad Kamstra

Chief Financial Officer

Chris Wellinger

Vice President of Sales & Marketing - Kentucky

Chris Cianciolo

Vice President of Sales & Marketing – Ohio

John Lammers

Vice President of Operations – Ohio

Tim Akers

Vice President of Operations - Kentucky

Andy Wimberg

Human Resources Manager

Jennifer Walker

Office Manager

Tori Messerschmitt

AR Manager

Pat James

NA Sales Manager

Brian Minardi

Category Team Manager - Ohio

Ric Heisler

Chain Sales Manager

Mike Kugler

Brand Manager

Adam Borgman

Off Premise Sales Manager – Ohio

Nick Morgan

Off Premise Sales Manager - Ohio

David Cagigas

On Premise Sales Manager - Ohio

Rob Taylor

On Premise Sales Manager – Kentucky

Pete Roberts

Off Premise Sales Manager - Kentucky

Nick Goubeaux

Off Premise Sales Manager - Kentucky

Damien Spangler

Special Events Manager

Terry Brockhoff

Warehouse Manager - Ohio

Tony Gladen

Delivery Supervisor - Ohio

Chris Berkley

Delivery Supervisor - Ohio

James Striker

Load Crew Supervisor - Ohio

Greg Alread

Delivery Supervisor - Kentucky

Dave Neiheisel

Warehouse Manager - Kentucky

Larry Bailey

Inventory Manager - Ohio

Skip Randall

Inventory Manger - Kentucky

Lori Dierig

Pricing Coordinator

Katie Morgan

Sales Administrative Assistant - Ohio

Cindy Hensley

Sales Administrative Assistant - Kentucky

Adam Minard

Banner Specialist - Kentucky

Jamie Ducker

Banner Specialist - Ohio